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Reunion 2002
Reunion 2002
San Juan Capistrano, CA
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Mission Inn, established in 1959, is an Early California Hacienda Style Inn nestled in the coastal Capistrano Valley between the Pacific Ocean and the Cleveland National Forest.

The Inn is adjacent to the historic Mission San Juan Capistrano and is located in a two-acre century old family orange orchard. Each of the twenty rooms is uniquely appointed and named in honor of one of California's missions.

The melodic sound of the Mission bells can be heard while strolling through historic San Juan; and they can be heard whispering in your ear as you lounge around the Inn's pool, while sipping sherry on the veranda or sitting around the campfire (improvised by the reunion gang).

Located in the train depot, a historic landmark for over 100 years. The Depot served as our venue on Saturday night for dinner and dance while listening to music from the 50's and 60's. Some of us got to enjoy some of it's rich history by dining in an original 1927 Pullman dining car, visiting their authentic 1950's soda fountain and taking a walk down memory lane by enjoying the memorabilia of the past located throughout.

The highlight of all reunions seems to be the Saturday night dinner.  This year we had 79 attendees (another record) for a night of eating, drinking and dancing.  At one time it seemed as though all of us were on the dance floor.
Class of '61 -- Click to Enlarge
2002 Alumni Attendess -- Click to Enlarge
Can you name them all? Click to enlarge.
New Record
16 Attendees for Class of '61 -- New Record
Cheer for the Cheerleaders -- Click to Enlarge
Let's hear it for our Cheerleaders ... They still look good, don't they.
New Record
Class of '63 & '64 Cheerleaders -- Click to Enlarge
Six Cheerleaders remember their moves.
Check out those legs! -- Click to Enlarge
Do you remember this routine?
(l-to-r) Derwood, Richard, Pat, Elda, Sue, Dub
Pat (Rainford) Snider (center) tries to remember her classmates.
(l-to-r) Brent H., Joe F., Mike H., Joe S. -- Click to Enlarge
Brent Hunter (left) is having trouble finding volunteers to unload the beer kegs.
(l-to-r) Harry, Butch -- Click to Enlarge
Harry and Butch sample Margarita's to ensure proper mix.
(l-tor) Pat Bowman, Pat Spencer, Joe Fernan, Eunice Auer --  Click to Enlarge
Thursday night was Pizza Night.  Pat pauses to tell a story.
Harry Heflin prepares the campfire -- Click to Enlarge
The cool evenings would not have been as tolerable without the ingenuity of Harry's portable campfire...a hit with the crowd.
Neither one is from Texas --  Click to Enlarge
Mike Hunter (l) has a morning discussion with George Parton (r).
(l-to-r) Eunice Auer, Bert H., Joe Auer, Pat B., Joe F. & Jackson Smith
Not a bad looking group considering it's 9:00 in the morning.
JoJo warms backside while she works --  Click to Enlarge
JoJo prepares activity lists for the weekend...she's always thinking ahead.
What imagination...a campfire in the middle of the parking lot.  Click to Enlarge
What could be better than sitting around a campfire and sharing old memories with your friends.
(l-to-r) John S., Cathy C.-K., Elizabeth C.-V., Pat B., Diane D., ?,?, Linda C.
52 degrees and we're still outdoors -- Click to Enlarge
The campfire was a popular spot after dark.
(l-to-r) Mike Hunter, Linda Chambers, Butch Ray & Carolyn Jones
Check out those legs-- Click to Enlarge
Joe Auer (l) explains to Joe Fernan (r) what it's like to wear shorts when the temperature is in the low 50's.
What's in the red cups? -- Click to Enlarge
The smart ones made use of the hospitality suite to stay warm.
(l-to-r) Dave & Annette J., Vern W., Bert H., Jim M. & Sharon M.
They're just happy to be out of the cold -- Click to Enlarge
See how happy people are at the reunions.
(l-to-r) Mike and Ellen (Keefe) Whelan, George Parton, Diana Parton & Sue (Harris) Wright
What do these five have in common...they're all drinking -- Click to Enlarge
Meet the night owls.
(l-to-r) Elda (Herring) Eckles, David Ellerman, Sharon Findley, Jim Findley & Derwood Biles
What would a reunion be without the Saturday meeting.

51 Alumni attended this year's reunion.
(l-to-r) everybody
Hats off to our officers for another fine reunion!! -- Click to Enlarge
You just can't say enough about the good work of our officers...and they managed to keep us in the black for another year to boot.
(l-to-r) JoJo (Turpin) Hentschel, Leslie (Bentley) Horner, Harry Heflin & Karel (Ray) VanGelder
The parking lot was the only place big enough for the group -- Click to Enlarge
Vern Wright and his wife look sooo attentive during the meeting -- Click to Enlarge
Not bad for 10 AM on Saturday morning -- Click to Enlarge
Look how astute they are for 10am in the morning.
Everyone listens carefully to make sure they haven't been volunteered for something.
Don't they look cold -- Click to Enlarge
Leftovers anyone?  Can you believe that 26 people stayed through Sunday?
(l-to-r) Elda E., Linda C., Mike H., Joe A., Eunice A. & Kathy H.
Last night at the oasis -- Click to Enlarge
Some people just don't know when to go home.  Sunday night at the campfire.
Finish your meals...it's time to dance -- Click to Enlarge
Good times were had by all at the San Juan Depot Bar & Grill.
Everybody on the dance floor -- Click to Enlarge
Dancing to our own DJ with music from the 50's & 60's.
What a hard working crew -- Click to Enlarge
Thanks for a GREAT Reunion !!
(l-to-r) Harry Heflin, JoJo (Turpin) Hentschel, Karel (Ray) Van Gelder, Leslie (Bentley) Horner, Susie (Cohen) Smith & Hubby.
Mike Hunter
Peter Hobiger
If they're out there
Sue will find them

And a special thanks to George Parton for his dedication to scanning the yearbooks and making CD's for everyone
1st-Time, '61 Alumni Attendees:

Pat Filaseta
Pat (Rainford) Snider
Kathy (Crowley) Kuper-Argent  
George Parton
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