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These rules apply to all dances sponsored by any class or school organization, which conducts activities either in school, or any other facility on or off base.

  1. Approval for all dances will be obtained in advance through the student council and the administration.
  2. The sponsoring activity is responsible for making the necessary arrangements for use of the cafeteria or other locations.
  3. The sponsor will ensure that sufficient chaperones are in attendance at a ratio of not less than two chaperone for every 25 students. Chaperones should also consist of a minimum of two teachers. Both male and female chaperones must be present.
  4. The sponsors will be in complete charge at the dance and will take steps, including telephoning parents if necessary, to ensure that the dance is conducted without incident.
  5. Non-school dates can attend the homecoming dance and the prom. Permission forms are available in the school office and must be submitted and approved in advance by the administration.
  6. All school rules apply at school-sponsored dances. Students found to be in violation of these rules will be subject to disciplinary action which will, as a minimum, involve restriction from future dances.
  7. Please note that there is strict adherence to the "one entry only" rule. Once a student enters the dance and then leaves, there is no re-entry.
  8. There will be no more than one school-sponsored dance per month.
  9. Students will normally be allowed to enter dances only during the first two hours of the dance.