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Dress Code

·       Dress and grooming standards are to be compatible with and foster a good learning environment. Generally speaking, clothing and hairstyles should meet commonly accepted standards for health, cleanliness, and decency. Any attire or style that disrupts the learning environment is not acceptable.

·       Specific guidelines are as follows:

1.    Shoes or sandals must cover feet. Certain classrooms, labs and shops, for example, may not allow for the wearing of sandals.

2.    Beach wear, extremely short clothing and "skin tight" attire are not appropriate.

3.    Tank tops should be at least 2 fingers wide at the shoulders. Clothing that exposes the midriff should not to be worn. This includes "mesh" style clothing without an undergarment.

4.    Clothing containing obscene pictures, vulgar words or phrases, ethnic slurs, personal attacks or other derogatory expressions is not appropriate for school and should not be worn.

5.    Except for medical reasons, sunglasses will not be worn indoors.

6.    Hats, caps or other headgear are to be worn outdoors only.

7.     Belts, if worn, must be fastened properly. Pants should be worn at the waist