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Many sites are appearing on the internet dealing with military brats who attended school overseas and military life outside of the United States. The sites listed here are divided into three categories for easier viewing: Professional/Commercial, Alumni and Personal.



These sites are maintained by professional webmasters and may provide advertising or service for a fee. They provide general information on military schools or alumni associations.


2. Alumni

These sites are maintained by fellow alumni. They provide a variety of information about students from Livorno American High School as well as other schools in Italy.  (not available at present)

3. Personal
These sites are maintained by alumni. The information they provide is usually more personal in nature. If you are looking for a good time and a visit with an old friend, these sites are for you. (not available at present)






The Military-Brats Registry offers you a way to find your friends and a way for them to find you. There is no cost to register your information here, and no cost to search or contact your friends once registered (and opted-in to our occasional news and events mailings). If you have not registered, do so today! DoDDS teachers and family members are welcome also. The Military-Brats Registry was created and is maintained by Marc Curtis.



Military Brats Online is in its 7th year of serving the Military Brat community. MBO was launched in December of 1995, and was the first web site devoted to linking Military Brats with their heritage and each other. Military Brats Online is a part of the Military Brats Network, is a free resource designed to re-connect Military Brats with each other and their heritage.


Military Brats Network 

In 1999, the Military-Brats Registry and Military Brats Online formed a partnership called The Military Brats Network. The network was formed initially out of our desire to help other's efforts by pointing readers from one web site to other.

 the Military Brats Network

Overseas Brats is an organization and magazine for those associated with American Overseas schools. They aid alumni groups with their alumni organizations and reunion activities. According to OSB, they have located 20,000 people since 1986 and are adding 20 to 40 new people each week.




The Department of Defense Educational Activity Home Page is a "school information resource for talented, motivated and mobile military community." Having trouble finding your high school transcripts and are worried you might have to take the GED? This is the place for you!


This site has over 77,000 schools and 16,000 members registered for this free service. It provides contact information (e-mail and mailing addresses, phone numbers), current photograph, and biographical information. The information posted to this site is at your discretion. The list of graduates is limited (30 as of 9/20/01), but is expected to grow.


This site "helps high school alumni friends find each other." When you join, yearly membership cost $29.50, you will be provided access to an extensive database of registered alumni which come from more than 30,000 high schools covering all 50 states and Canada plus 300 American/Canadian territorial and overseas high schools.


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