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Linda Alkire
1943 - 1972
Class of 1961
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"Hearing of the death of Linda Alkire saddens me, especially to know that she died so young. I still remember eating a delicious chicken dinner with her
after successfully biding for her lunch in a fund-raising raffle. My, that was so many, many years ago. Nonetheless, those memories, as so many others
of my life in Livorno, stay fairly bright and sweet."

Mike Lyons
Mike Hunter
1943 - 2007
"Mike retired in 2006 and moved from Anaheim, CA to Mountain Home, AR later that year to enjoy his retirement in a remote resort area among rolling hills and a beautiful lake.  Mike took up residence not far from Derwood Biles' vacation home.  On Saturday, April 28,  Mike and Derwood had spent a wonderful day together on the lake in Mike's new boat and shortly after that Mike passed away as they were returning home."

Butch Ray
A Photo Tribute to Mike
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Austin (Ozzie) Miller
1943 - 1996
Al Nagengast
1943 - 1986
" After high school, Al had enlisted in the Air Force and was stationed at Camp Darby.  From there he went to Sicily, where he met his wife.

Al was waiting for a heart transplant and had just
called his parents (here in the states) to let them know that he was to go to the hospital on Monday (possible match for the heart transplant).  He called his parents on Saturday and died of a heart attack on Sunday - never made it to Monday"

Donna (Rosholt) Hostetter
"Our classmate, Austin Miller, class of 61, died in 1996 of heart failure.  At the time of his death he was living in San Mateo County, CA."

Sue (Harris) Wright