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This page serves primarily as a link to sources that are related directly or indirectly to our school... its alumni, faculty, competitors (other schools, that is) and associations that focus on the "Overseas' Brat."   The links will direct you to the official school sites of Livorno American High (Livorno Unit School), Aviano, Vicenza, Notre Dame, Overseas and Naples.

From within these sites you can explore current activities and catch up on what has transpired since our attendance so long ago.  Such things as today's dance codes        , lunch room policies        and dress codes
are available for you to review and compare to those in effect back when.  Check out today's demographics on student enrollment, professional staffing, SAT results, school standings and much more.  It's all available at the click of a few keystrokes.  I think you'll find it interesting to spend a few minutes (hours) just browsing through what is available on-line.  And remember, the information is not static, it changes periodically as do events at the school. 

Outside sources and associations that deal with activities of overseas' brats and the tracking of high school alumni are also provided.  The list of links included below is by no means "all inclusive", but rather a start.  Should you run across any references not listed here, please advise and they will be added.
Enough.  Now it's time to browse. And remember, if you encounter any good tidbits along the way, let me know so they can be published for others to enjoy.

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Welcome LAHS Alumni & Faculty
Welcome LAHS Alumni & Faculty
Welcome LAHS Alumni & Faculty
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Useful Source to Italy
An interesting website about Italy - Give it a try
Links to Information about Italy and Darby
This section was added September, 2003 and will feature Italy links that class members have recommended ... covering such diverse subjects and areas of interest as city locations and activities, current satellite weather maps and live weather reports and, some trivia sites covering a broad range of topics and information about what is happening in Italy today.

With the impending trip to Italy planned for the Fall of 2004 it seems only appropriate to provide avenues to information that can be helpful in making your trip that much more enjoyable.  Go ahead -- check out the sites and let us know of any others that you think should be included.
Click for current Satellite Map
Up-to-date Weather Report
Click on Image above to access live weather reports for Italy
Click on Image above to access live satellite weather picture of Italy
Look into renting a villa
Need a place to stay while vacationing in Italy -- Why not a villa
The content of this page has been expanded to include links to general information about places, events and ... well, check it out for yourself  -- just below the sidebar on the left.
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